Red Carpet Limousine Service (RCL)

The main reason we ask you to "Read, Understand & Agree"  to our "Terms & Conditions"  upon Booking Confirmation, is due to 'Surprise'  Itineraries and Destinations on the day, not to mention Monster Eskys & Luggage or intoxicated passengers etc.  Since we have added these Terms & Conditions to our Booking criteria, there has been an increase of  Understanding and Smoother Rides... 

We just want everything to go smoothly for You  and the  Limousine Driver/Chauffeur  on your Special Day.


Red Carpet Limousine Service  Referred to as (RCL)




  • Large luggage bags, Bikes, Tents, Furniture, Surf Vessels or Pets etc.. are not permitted within the vehicle. Also room in the boot is quite limited, i.e. room only for small personal items and room for small Esky can be arranged.
  • Under no circumstances will any Wedding Car or Limousine drive “Off Road” i.e. Rough or Unsealed Roads, Muddy or Boggy conditions, Creek crossings etc. or any Road Conditions deemed inappropriate by the Driver on duty – The Driver’s discretion is final. 
  • The Driver will not leave the Limousine unattended.. Please do not ask the Driver on Duty to perform any errands or tasks etc. that requires the Driver to leave the Wedding Car or Hire Vehicle unattended.
  • Any unfortunate “On Board Accidents or Events” ( i.e. major Drink/Substance spills or Events.) or damage to the Interior or Exterior of The Limousine will incur a  Clean-up/Repair or Replacement  fee.. Calculated, applicable to the Event in Question.
  • In the unlikely event a passenger is sick (throws up) within the vehicle.. (1)  The agreed transport itinerary is ended and the Hire Vehicle will  immediately return to our depot.. and (2) A $220 clean up cost will be invoiced to the booking client in addition to original agreed hire cost.  
  • Our Limousine Drivers are not permitted to deviate from the  Agreed, Planned and Costed Itinerary destinations.
  • It is helpful to discuss Agreed Limousine transport itinerary with your Photographer as ‘Agreed Finish Time’ is Final unless appropriate arrangements are discussed with RCL prior ..  Please Note; A $150. surcharge is applicable for every Hour or part thereof past the Negotiated Finish Time – Please be aware of the ‘Agreed Finish Time’ as in some cases, due to booking commitments, a cut off time extension cannot be established, commonly due to ongoing commitments.
  • Under no circumstances will RCL allow any alcohol to be consumed by Minors (any person under the age of 18 years) inside or outside the Vehicle.
  • RCL reserves the right to Remove or Refuse Entry to any person who is Intoxicated or Abusive or of any Behavior deemed inappropriate by the Driver on Duty
  • A deposit is required for all Confirmed Bookings – the amount of Deposit depends on the size of agreed booking transport itinerary – in most cases a Deposit of $220 is required. The remainder can be paid prior to or on the Day to the Driver on Duty. Please note.. Deposits are non Refundable.
  • An 'on the day' contact  Phone Number (of the Bride/Groom/Best Man/Parent or Friend etc) will be required for the Driver prior to Pickup Time. This person will also be given the phone number of the Driver on Duty. 

All our Chauffeurs and Drivers will do their utmost to ensure your day goes professionally and smoothly as you would Expect. If you, the person agreeing to these Terms & Conditions notice any contradictions to our agreed terms, don't hesitate to act on it on the day or bring it to the attention of any passenger of your group or Wedding Party that may not be aware of our Agreed Terms & Conditions. If at anytime you are not sure do not hesitate to refer any matter of concern to the Driver on Duty, he will always be accommodating and try to Assist.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us should You require any Assistance or Additional Information